Inflectra and Autom8 Announce Partnership to Enhance Manual Testing

9-Dec-2014 by Inflectra Press Release

Inflectra, the leading provider of software solutions for software testing, lifecycle management and agile development has partnered with Autom8 testing to provide an enhanced solution for accelerated manual testing

Accelerating Manual Testing

Test Engineers are spending more than 75% of their time on Test Creation, Test Execution, and Error Reporting tasks.

WorX users are enjoying efficiency gains of 50% in precisely those areas.

With NO Migration effort & NO Importing, the result is a rapid break-even and a breath-taking Return on Investment!

Existing test cases in Word or Excel? Fasten your seatbelt !

With WorX at your fingertips, you’ll fly through that testing 2x Faster.

WorX can even fire data from your Word and Excel test cases directly into the system you’re testing – saving you precious data entry time and eliminating keyboard errors

Worx from Autom8 Testing extends the reach of SpiraTest into Exploratory Testing and providing an accelerated way of creating test cases using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word as authoring tools and integrating with SpiraTest for robust test management.

About WorX

WorX can be thought of as a Testing Application that sits “above” your test case during execution. The test case itself, in Word or Excel, gets tucked away down on the task bar but remains accessible and changeable by the Test Engineer at all times.

WorX springs to action when called by SpiraTest. It can be asked to record and create a new test, or it can be handed the location of an existing test to run. WorX takes the call, and instantly gets to work.

WorX adds a powerful and vibrant layer of testing capability “on top” of your favourite authoring tools. Word & Excel are great for writing test cases, but they are not good testing tools. The features and functions of WorX accelerate the process of creating and executing test cases manually, and these are implemented in a flexible and common-sense way. With WorX at your fingertips, you will fly through your manual testing 2x Faster.

About Autom8

Autom8 was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand.

The company was formed with one goal in mind: “To speed up a world full of software testing”

As we set out to put our decades of test automation experience to use, we found that a staggering 85% of all testing was still performed manually… and that much of this was in Word & Excel.

We discovered a global testing community that was simply unwilling to give up their tests in Word & Excel - despite some of the challenges that go with this. At autom8, we frequently talk about this “fight against gravity” – the tendency for testing teams to gravitate back to Word and Excel so often.

Word & Excel are great authoring tools, but not good testing tools, so the answer was obvious …

Our flagship product WorX is a powerful Manual Testing accelerator that sits “above” those test cases in Word & Excel - allowing teams to test 2x Faster, while maintaining that fiercely guarded authoring freedom.

Finally, there’s a smarter way to conquer all that Manual Testing !