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Quickly See Your SpiraPlan Things To Do On iOS 12 Using The Shortcuts App

October 3, 2018

With iOS 12 Apple introduced a new application called Shortcuts. This is an evolution of the excellent Workflow app and let's iPhone and iPad users create some amazingly cool and useful shortcuts. With the touch of a button your phone can do a whole load of things at once. Want to take a nap? Make a shortcut that will dim the lights, put on some soothing music, and put on Do Not Disturb for an hour. Want to be productive? Why not get a list of all your requirements, incidents, or tasks in SpiraPlan and choose, right from the Shortcuts app, what you want to work on.

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9 Easy Steps to Start Automating Software Testing

May 1, 2018

Innovations in technology have become synonymous with business growth and development. Regardless of whether a company specializes in software or application development, all businesses now have some interaction with software or application testing.

Software or application testing involves executing a program or app to find bugs or glitches. Whether creating a new responsive website, building a new mobile application, or developing a new software component, the system must be tested. The rate of software development, in general, and testing in particular, is rising for many enterprises, which has increased the need for more automated software testing. Those pre-scripted software tests can come in handy when a lot of software or applications need testing. Here are nine ways businesses can start automating software testing.


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