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How AI helps QA Shift Left

May 16, 2023

by Appsurify

Shipping with confidence is hard. Even leveraging all best practices, Digital Leaders and Testers may only feel 99% confident their release will be bug-free. Getting that additional 0.9% is painstakingly time-consuming.

Read on to learn how Appsurify helps testers significantly increase confidence without additional effort so QA can ship earlier and faster using their AI-powered risk based testing tool, TestBrain.

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Using SpiraPlan for Risk-Based Testing

November 9, 2022

Risk-Based Testing (RBT) is a software testing type that is based on the probability of risk. It involves assessing the risk based on software complexity, the criticality of business, frequency of use, possible areas with defects, and areas of the system that have changed the most. Risk-based testing prioritizes the testing of features and functions of the software application which have the most likely exposure to risks and therefore most likely to have defects. In this article, we discuss some of the ways SpiraPlan can assist you with your Risk Based Testing.

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