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Are You Treating Your Testers Like Robots
WHY DO people try to make humans do a task that is better suited to computers... WHY DO people ...
spira plugin for jenkins
I have a problem with the use of the spira plugin for jenkins. We have automated tests, running e...
Rapise can't capture object in silverlight
I am using auto libraries when I record. It come out with "Click on Sliverlight control host" whi...
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Link to Octopus Deploy to trigger automated testing when deploy is successful
Hi, Does anyone know of a way to link Octopus Deploy to SpiraTeam so that we can trigger the au...
Adding JUnit jar to a gradle project
Hi, Im using Bobcat as automation framework, and it uses gradle to build it. I want to use also t...
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Automation Host not a filter in Reports for Test Sets or Test Runs.
Having the filter would be an immense help. Is the filter being added in a future release? Is it ...
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Report on the Document Type used by Test Case Automation Scripts
A customer asked: I need to create a custom graph that shows the amount of test cases per docume...
How to use the SOAP API AutomationEngine_Create
I am pretty new for the SpiraTest. We use Robot Framewor as our autoamtion test tool. There is no d...
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Automated testing of single test case
I use SpiraTest to launch tests that are executed in a custom-built Java engine. The process is sta...
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Missing some Email Notification settings
Hi, Im missing some settings in Email notification events setup. Our use-case is: 1. Manua...
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Cannot Set Automation Host For Test Set
Im trying to integrate Selenium with SpiraTest. I added the automation host in administration setti...
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pytest-spiratest - how to obtain test case id of test within Class
Here is part of my spira.cfg: [test_cases] test_example = 1 TestClass.test_example = 2 The probl...
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Assert and Verify Commands in Selenium
Hello Everyone, I am new in this community and I am learning selenium to get a job in automation te...
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Test Case Workflow enhancement requests
My client is finally preparing to take steps into Test Automation for the significant number regres...
Incident Creation and Automated Tests
Hi, I noticed in the SpiraDocs that it is possible to create an incident via running manual test c...
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