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Using ODATA to Create SpiraPlan Reports using Tableau and/or PowerBI

When using the SpiraPlan ODATA API to create custom reports in popular reporting platforms such as PowerBI and/or Tableau, customers have had some common questions. In this article we answer some of the most frequent ones.

Creating a list of comments for any users in the system

If you need to extract comments for artifact, for a period of time or filtered by comment creator - you can easily do that using Custom Report tool or - if you're using SpiraPlan you can use OData or (PowerBI Desktop) to visually create reports and analysis.

How to share a query from PowerQuery (Microsoft Excel or PowerBI)

If you're using SpiraPlan's OData to extract data, Power Query helps with extraction and transformations steps that are represented as queries with share options to be used by other users.
This article covers the general mechanisms to share a query in Power Query.

Extracting Custom List value names using OData

If you're using SpiraPlan you can use OData to visually create reports and analsyis. In this example, we are getting an artifact's and product's multi-select custom property value names using Excel Power Query. The build in custom repoort views for artifacts and products show all custom fields, but only their raw values. That means that for custom lists only the ID of the custom list value(s) are shown and not the actual names. Here is what to do to find  and display the names.