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FYI: how to create a report the outputs JavaScript object data
FYI, here is how to create a report that puts data into a JavaScript object. (It uses the out-of-th...
Date Compare in ESQL Query
Im trying to do a date comparison in my custom query so that I can create a report that always repo...
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Connect to a secure database and execute queries using Rapise
Hi, I would like to connect to a database which requires login credentials. I was trying diffe...
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Reporting queries... or a "Spira db for Dummies"
Where is the best place to find a reference guide to the Spira db ? We have created a nu...
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Generating reports across multiple projects?
We're trying to gather data across projects, but SpiraTeam does not provide portfolio functionali...
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Custom Report Query to Find Tasks Linked to Deleted Requirements
We had a customer that was looking for a custom report to find all of the Tasks in SpiraTeam that a...
FYI: workaround for report sql and the error "System.Xml.XmlException: The '#' character, hexadecimal value 0x23, cannot be included in a name."
FYI: If you are writing report SQLand run into the following error: "System.Xml.XmlException: The...
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Report Displaying Projects, Project Groups and Releases
We had a request from a customer looking for a custom report with the following information: We ...
Custom report of test cases linked to incidents
A customer asked how to write a custom Entity SQL report that displayed: Incident ID Incident St...
SQL Server question
Hi, We have a new Enterprise SQL Server Cluster designed to host disparate application databa...
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Creating a custom graph or report with time as function
Hi! Im looking for a way to create a burndown chart from all the test cases not in Passed, grouped...
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Default reports' SQL queries
Dear All, I have a question connected to the default reports. I can see all the templates but no ...
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Creating a form for custom reports
Dear All, I would like to ask You, if there is an option to create a form when generating the repo...
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Workflow validation idea
Another interesting idea is to execute sql code during the transition and if it returns zero, than ...
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