IT Infrastructure

Web Server Performance - IIS Worker Process Current Requests

Most on-premise Spira and KronoDesk installations will be using the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Server to serve the application to users.  If you are experiencing performance problems or slow page load times (and you cannot move to our cloud version), this article will help you troubleshoot IIS worker process requests.

Company's Firewall Blocking Spira HTTPS Traffic

We had a customer that was using a VPN / Firewall to access our cloud instances of Spira. Most firewalls simply pass through the HTTPS traffic on port 443 unaltered. However some more stringent ones actually decrypt the HTTPS traffic, inspect the packets and then re-encrypt it for the user. In one case, this was causing an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

Uninstalling Legacy ESET Antivirus Products on AWS EC2 Instances

If you are using older ESET Antivirus products (e.g. v6.x) on Amazon Web Services (EC2) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Windows instances (which we use for Spira and KronoDesk) you may not be able to easily upgrade to the latest version of ESET 7.x because ESET 6.5 will block its own un-installation. We have a solution that worked for us that we'd like to share.