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Displaying a Requirements - Risk Exposure Report

With SpiraPlan, you have the ability to create and manage both risks and requirements in the same system. You can use the Associations feature to link the requirements to risks. However, as part of a risk based testing methodology, you will often want to see which of your requirements have the greatest overall, aggregate associated risk. This custom report generates such a view for you quickly and easily.

Information on Requirement Types and Statuses

A customer recently asked for assistance requirement  documentation on the Inflectra website about help on the various fields available when creating requirements in Spira. 

Specifically, the columns such as Type (List of values = Design element, Epic, Feature, Need, Quality, Use Case, User Story). They needed to understand what was the intended use of each of these fields.  and also the meaning of list of values under the status fields (Planned, Requested, developed etc). They wanted to see if we could provide a more detailed explanation or guide what each list of values means? They did not want to make any incorrect assumptions.

Entering Mathematical Equations into Requirements

We had a customer ask us what was the recommended way to enter mathematical equations into a requirement in Spira. There are a couple of options depending on several factors:

  • You want to do it 100% natively in Spira, vs. using an external tool with Spira
  • How complex the equation is
  • Does the equation need to be editable after the fact
Simple Requirements Document Report

Customers sometimes ask us for a way to generate a report that would be a human readable requirements document. The built-in requirements detailed report often has more information that is needed in such a report.  This article describes how to create such a report.