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Rapise Tips, Tricks & Workarounds when Testing Dynamics AX 2012

During the evaluation of Rapise 5.2 for Microsoft Dynamics AX testing, a customer collected the following tips and tricks from our support team (thanks Maxime!).

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions - Which One Do You Have?

As described in a recent article, Microsoft Dynamics has been going through major changes in the past year, there are now many different products that all bear the 'Microsoft Dynamics' brand, including older legacy tools such as Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, SL and CRM and the new Dynamics 365 platform which has different modules (Sales, Operations, etc.).  This article helps you know which tool you have when you need help from our Rapise support team.

RPA - importing data into Dynamics AX

If anything can be automated - it will be automated. You can use Rapise to automate day-to-day processes within a company to free your employees for more creative and productive job. Imagine you have data from third-party system in Excel file and you want to import it into Dynamics AX instance. You have a choice either to develop a software program that does the import via Dynamics AX API or you can create an automation script in Rapise.

How to ensure that a Fast Tab is expanded and scrolled into view in Dynamics AX

Many views in Dynamics AX have several collapsible panes: General, Addresses, Contact information, etc. They are also known as Fast Tabs.  Learn how to ensure that a Fast Tab is expanded and scrolled into view before entering data into the fields in this tab.

Requires Rapise 5.7+

If recording of actions in Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV does not work

More and more computers are equipped with High DPI displays. Though high resolution looks beautiful it may bring some issues. One of them is broken recording in Rapise.

Creating a Purchase Order in Dynamics AX

Learn how to break down a long scenario into manageable pieces in RVL. Creating a purchase order in Dynamics AX takes many steps: start PO process, enter basic details, fill order lines, approve, receive, invoice. In RVL you can create separate sheets to implement stages of a complex test.