The customer needed to load in a batch of customers into KronoDesk, with the following data elements:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Login
  • Email
  • Password

Since our Excel Add-in for KronoDesk only can currently import users, we decided to use Rapise and its ability to read Excel sheets and call REST APIs to automate the task.


We created a Rapise project (attached) that has the following two elements:

  • REST API Module
  • Excel Spreadsheet

We then wrote some JavaScript code to iterate through the users in the Excel sheet and populate KronoDesk:

function createUsers(baseUrl, username, apiKey)
	//Specify the base url
	var params = {
		"baseUrl": baseUrl

	//Loop through the data
	SeS('Users').DoAttach('Users.xlsx', 'UsersSheet');
	while (SeS('Users').DoSequential())
		var firstName = SeS('Users').GetCell('First Name');
		var lastName = SeS('Users').GetCell('Last Name');
		var email = SeS('Users').GetCell('Email');
		var login = SeS('Users').GetCell('Login');
		var password = SeS('Users').GetCell('Password');
		if (login && login != '')
			Tester.Message('Adding user \'' + login + '\' to KronoDesk');
			//Add user to the system
			var newUser = {
				"FirstName": firstName,
				"LastName": lastName,
				"Login": login,
				"EmailAddress": email,
				"Password": password,
				"PasswordQuestion": "What is 1+1?",
				"PasswordAnswer": "2",
				"Active": true,
				"Approved": true,
				"Locked": false
			//Add Customer role
			newUser.Roles = ['Customer'];
				SeS('KronoDeskApi30_Create_User').SetCredential(username, apiKey);
			catch (err)
				//Ignore and continue

The full Rapise project can be found here: /Support/Attachment/137686.aspx

Using the Importer

To use the importer, please do the following:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Rapise from the customer portal of the Inflectra website.
    1. If you don't have a license for Rapise, you can simply sign up for a trial version.
  2. Download and extract the sample project attached to this article.
  3. Open up the project in Rapise:

  4. Change the following values to match your KronoDesk installation:
    1. BASE_URL = the base URL of your KronoDesk instance
    2. LOGIN = an administrator login to KronoDesk that has permissions to create new users
    3. API_KEY = the RSS Token / API Key for this user in KronoDesk
  5. Open up the Users.xlsx spreadsheet:

  6. Populate the users into the spreadsheet, you can also just paste in the values from another spreadsheet. Make sure you leave the column headings as-is in Row 1.
  7. Once the data is populated, click the Play button in Rapise.
  8. The data will now be loaded into KronoDesk: