General Support Guidelines

Are there different support SLAs?

  • Inflectra offers unlimited support via email and phone calls
  • Typically tickets are answered within a couple of hours (normal support coverage is 24X5 and policy is that tickets will be answered no later than 1 business day)

Who provides your support and where is your support team based? 

  • Support is staffed by Product specialists so the team is very knowledgeable about the tool
  • The majority of our support staff is located in North America (Washington DC area and Canada)
  • We also have Europe based support for our EMEA clients, and Australia based support for our APAC clients, but for US clients for the most part tickets will be answered by our North American staff

How do you handle bugs and enhancement requests?

  • Inflectra evaluates all defects with a quality lens.  Not only do we look at the priority of the defect (Critical, High, Medium, Low) but we also look at the risk of addressing it or the Severity - rating things from Hyper-local to Deep and Wide.
  • With these two scores we can weigh when defects should be fixed and the amount of QA time that we will need to verify the fix.
  • Notes about Enhancement policies - it is fully explained in the KB but essentially most enhancements are tackled based on when we are working on that area of the application for a Release - to help make QA more efficient.
  • Links for both policies

How is the tool updated?

  • We have a monthly Maintenance window the second Saturday of each month 9-11 am Eastern where we deploy new versions and bug fixes
  • Extreme cases of Security Fixes - if there is a zero day vulnerability then we would do a hot-fix for instance.
  • We do have the ability to apply a hot-fix to a single customer but that is rare and would only be for a major blocking issue.

How do we escalate issues if needed?

  • First tier is support, second is a customer's Account Manager, and the third is our executive leadership team.

Can our consultant enter support tickets on our behalf?

  • Yes, we are happy to work with you and the consultant (our Partner) on tickets - whatever your team finds the most efficient.

Cloud Hosted Details

  • For cloud customers we are monitoring 24X7 for any outages
  • We take hourly snapshots and have AWS redundancy sites in the various regions of the world
    • For US - N. VA is main hosting location with redundancy location in Ohio
    • This article on our cloud hosting provides more details on the different regions we offer.
    • Note that some clients may choose the AWS Ireland region instead of their local region for GDPR reasons.  So all data stays in the EU.
  • Cloud Terms of Service

Self Hosted/On Premise