Locating the Setting in Rapise

The first thing you need to do, is locate the setting in Rapise that you want to be able to specify a value for:

You will notice that in the description of the setting, there is a matching variable name that corresponds to this setting (e.g. g_commandInterval for the "Command Interval" setting). This is the parameter that SpiraTest needs to send to Rapise to override the setting.

Parameterize Your Test Cases

Next, inside SpiraTest, go to the test case that has the Rapise test script saved against:

Choose the 'Edit Parameters' button and define a parameter with the same name as the Rapise variable (g_commandInterval).

Specify the Value in the Test Set

Now, in the Test Set that contains the test case(s), simply specify a value for this parameter:

In our example, we are specifying a command interval of 2 seconds (2,000ms).

Now when you run this Test Set in Rapise (using RapiseLauncher) it will execute using this value.