You have two options.

Option 1 - Set folder absolute path in the browser profile

Open profile settings, locate prefs in Chrome Specific section and set it to

{"download.default_directory": "C:\\ProgramData\\Inflectra\\Rapise\\Temp\\Downloads"}


You may change the folder path to whatever you like. Chrome will create the folder if it is missing.


Option 2 - Set folder dynamically from a test 

If you prefer to download a file into a subfolder of your test or download location may be different on different machines then use this method.

In User.js file define the following function.

function GetWebDriverNonProfileCapabilities(profile)
	var caps = {};

	// set capabilities based on profile name
	if (profile == "Chrome")
		var downloadFolder = Global.GetFullPath('Downloads');
		caps["prefs"] = {"download.default_directory": downloadFolder};
	return caps;

`downloadFolder` variable contains the path that will be passed to prefs capability.

Read more about GetWebDriverNonProfileCapabilities function.