Skill DescriptionYes/No
Can describe the three main areas of KronoDesk 
Can navigate successfully through the different section of the application 
Can access the Administration section and understands where to find the different options 
Can name all of the artifacts used in the system and their relationships 
Can access the online help and understand how to navigate between the help topics 
Can view the system as an anoymous user and explain what information is shown on the homepage 
Can login to the system as a customer and explain what's displayed on the customer homepage 
Can login to the system as an employee and explain what's displayed on the employee homepage 
Can switch between the employee and customer view whilst logged-in as an employee 
Help Desk 
Can access the ticket list page and knows how to filter and search 
Can switch between the different help desk views (My Assigned, Unassigned and All Open) 
Can click on a specific help desk ticket and describe the standard fields and what they are for 
Support Forums 
Can describe what a category, forum, thread and message are 
Can navigate to the category and forum pages 
Can navigate to the thread page and display all the messages 
Knowledge Base 
Can describe what a category and article are 
Can navigate to the list of categories and browse to an article 
Can search using the keyword search to find an article 
Can access the reporting dashboard and explain what the graphs are 
User Profile 
Can access the screen to view the user's profile 
Can change the user's name and other information 
Can change the user's avatar image 
Can change the user's password