When opening an MS-Excel 2007+ format report generated in SpiraTeam, you may see this message:

MS-Excel 2010

MS-Excel 2013 or Later

The reason you will get this message is that the MS-Excel 2007+ format reports are actually HTML documents with special MS-Excel extensions. This is to allow the rich text formatting used in SpiraTeam to be displayed in the reports. If you don't care about the formatting, then the MS-Excel 2003 format uses SpreadsheetML XML instead. This opens without the message but it does not handle the rich HTML formatted text in SpiraTeam, instead it gets converted to plain text.

We supply a mime type that matches .XLS rather than HTML, this is to force the browser to open it in MS-Excel rather than as an HTML file in the browser. The downside is that this causes the message to appear.

Once that message appears, just click [Yes] and the spreadsheet will open.

We would prefer to be able to use a MIME type that does not cause this message to appear, but we have not found a way, please let Microsoft know and maybe they will change the Excel behavior.