Can I map a requirement to a test step?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017



At the moment we reference what Acceptance Criteria a test step satisfies by making a not in the "Sample Data" column for each step. This means that we cannot report on the coverage of the test against all of the AC's for a given feature.


My first thought was to map "Requirements" to Acceptance Criteria so that I can report on the coverage. I see that I can add a "Requirement" to a test overall, but not to the specific step that satisfies it. That means that the reviewer of the test must read through the entire test for each requirement, to try and manually map it to the step concerned. Worse, they would need to do this for each AC.


If "Requirements" were mapable to a step, I could use them as the AC's and then be able to report the coverage. But it looks like this isn't possible.


I've seen mention of custom fields but don't know how to define them yet and I'm wondering if they would be of any use in helping me with this problem? Or perhaps someone knows of a way of satisfying this more granular need for our reporting?





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Thursday, March 30, 2017
re: steadyonabix Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hi Brad

Since the release of SpiraTest v5.1 you can now map test steps to requirements, so I would actually just use your original approach. If you're not on v5.1 I'd suggest upgrading.



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