Why You Should Join Our Technology and Innovation Meet-up Group

July 14th, 2017 by inflectra

If you are a software company, like us, building and releasing software is pretty much up there with coffee, chocolate, and Game of Thrones. But our digital fortress could no longer contain our desire to make new friends in our own neighborhood of Silver Spring, MD. And while there is no shortage of #awesome Meet-Up groups and Eventbrite get-togethers in DC/MD/VA area, we are using our resources to make software testing fun and accessible for everyone who is interested locally. 


We are weaving a web of community connections through our regular coder internship program, our webinar series, and through our meetup group - Technology and Innovation Meet-up Group in Silver Spring, MA.

We started Technology and Innovation Meet-up to give back to our local community through talks, demos and socializing over pizza and beer while learning about software development, technology entrepreneurship, and software testing. And since we strongly believe in networks (because technology, obviously), we have made friends with DCASTFreeCodeCamp, CDK and others in the tech universe of DC, Virginia, and Maryland. 


Our last meet-up: Real-life TestOps Environment was a follow-up to our previous joint event with DCAST, where software testers loved our exploratory testing and test automation tools so much, they asked for a follow-up. We gave them a chance to visit our hive and experience our products on July 11, 2017.


And since we know that software testers are humans too and need to go to Bali or Paris every once in a while, we have recorded the event. Now, anyone can see it for all eternity here: (Software Testing with SpiraTeam and Software Test Automation with Rapise)

Oh, and have I mentioned that we LOVE events planning? We do – it’s fun! Here is a quick timelapse video of Simon and Thea getting things ready for the event.


We’ll have more events for our friends in September (because Bali) so keep in touch by joining Technology and Innovation Meet-up Group in Silver Spring, MA

That’s all for now. See you soon!

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