What to Do When Your Testers Are Addicted to Word and Excel?

March 25th, 2016 by inflectra

Many of our customers have spent much of their testing career managing tests in Word or Excel. These tools are flexible, ubiquitous, and easy to use. But they are also fiddly, inefficient, and hard to manage over time. SpiraTest addresses these downsides, bringing a host of other pluses too. For people looking to combine the best of both (SpiraTest and more traditional tools), WorX (from Autom8) may well be what you are looking for.

Make What Works Work Better

SpiraTest's promise to customers is a system which helps you manages all parts of test creation, test organization, the testing itself, and reporting on test outcomes. It can be used to manage both a small volume of testing by small teams as well as large teams requiring a very complex system of tests and test workflow controls. Our customers, particularly those hosted by us, can collaborate from anywhere in the world on all parts of the test cycle.

But what if your workflow depends on other tools? SpiraTest can integrate with it, not a problem. Not just other online testing tools or bug trackers, but desktop tools as well. If you need or prefer to create your tests in Microsoft Office but still want the benefits of SpiraTest you should take a look at WorX.

WorX makes recording manual test cases fast and painless, capturing screenshots, annotations and text quickly. All of this data is saved in either Microsoft Word or Excel. It provides an elegant interface for editing test steps, taking away the pain inherent in editing directly in Excel (all the more so where embedded images are concerned).

WorX also makes running tests from steps saved in Word or Excel a breeze. It leverages a box of tricks to make manually stepping through your spreadsheets (and even nested tables in Word) as easy as could be.

In summary, WorX provides these key features to make your life easier

  1. The ability to assemble new test cases automatically with Record Mode
  2. The ability to fetch new test data and populate the test cases automatically at run time
  3. The Rapid Data Entry features using the magic “DataWand” and the one-click whole-screen “DataBurst”

WorX Integrates With SpiraTest

The great part is that you don't have to give up the benefits of using SpiraTest to also use WorX. We have partnered with Autom8 to make the integration of the two applications seamless. Start your testing in SpiraTest and launch it in WorX. Record or run your tests in WorX and save a summary straight back into SpiraTest.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get the two applications talking to each other--see how in the video below:

How To Find Out More

If you are interested in how to more closely and easily integrate SpiraTest with testing using Excel or Word get in touch with our partners at Autom8.

The following video provides an in-depth tutorial for using SpiraTest with WorX:

worx spiratest manual testing excel word

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