We've Built an AI-Powered Robot for Salesforce with Rapise - A Webinar Recap

December 17th, 2018 by inflectra

Our last free webinar of 2018 had an ambitious goal: to use Rapise to build an AI-powered robot that can mine Salesforce contacts from email signatures. The presenter was Inflectra's senior automation architect - Denis Markovtsev who showed us how to design a robot that can read emails from Exchange mailbox, send emails to a third-party Machine Learning powered REST service for contact extraction, and how to create new contacts in Salesforce via the UI.

Some of you may have missed the webinar, so we made a recording for you, which is enclosed.

Webinar Agenda:

The webinar: How to Build an AI-Powered Robot for Mining Salesforce Contacts from Email Signatures Using Rapise was divided into three themes:

1. Architecture of the robot

2. Building the robot

- Email module (SOAP or IMAP)

- Signature extraction module (REST)

- Salesforce module (Web UI)

3. Q&A

Webinar Recording

We have made the webinar recording available here, but feel free to check out all the other webinars we produced over the years on our YouTube channel:

Plans for 2019:

We are putting in place a comprehensive and rigorous webinar schedule which will start in mid January 2019, so stay tuned and check back periodically. 


Have a topic we should explore further? Let us know below. 


Have fun testing, folks and happy holidays!


How to How to Built An AI-Powered Robot Robot for mining Salesforce contacts Rapise Webinar Recap

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