Webinar Recap: The Top Alternative To Micro Focus QA Suite

March 4th, 2019 by inflectra

We have recently hosted a webinar on The Top Alternative To Micro Focus QA Suite. If you missed the webinar, please enjoy the recap in this blog.

Webinar Take-Aways:

  1. 10 features of Spirateam that beat Micro Focus’ ALM tool
  2. How to use Rapise and NeoLoad to get an integrated functional and performance testing solution that is superior to UFT and LoadRunner
  3. How SpiraTeam, Rapise and Neoload work together to give you more comprehensive, and powerful solution
  4. The ease of migrating from Micro Focus to Inflectra’s Platform.


Webinar Recording

Please enjoy the recording of this webinar on youtube. 

Webinar Presentation

We have put together the below webinar presentation to guide your learning.


See you at our next webinar!

Webinar Recap Top Alternative To Micro Focus QA Suite SpiraTeam Rapise Neoload Migrating from Micro Focus