Webinar #Recap: Choosing A Test Automation Tool: 8 Features That Matter

June 17th, 2019 by inflectra

Inflectra recently hosted the 3rd live webinar: Choosing A Test Automation Tool: 8 Features That Matter, from the series called: Test Automation, DemystifiedThe goal of series is to build the participants’ basic understanding, and a skill set to start using test automation in their work.

We are sharing the most important take-aways from the webinar.

Webinar Agenda:

In the webinar, Inflectra's lead test automation architect, Denis Markortsev, covered the following topics:

  • Key components of a test automation tool
  • Place of a test automation tool within CI/CD infrastructure
  • Benefits of an integrated testing solution.

Webinar Blog:

The theoretical aspect of the webinar are summarized in a short blog on Medium: Choosing a Test Automation Tool: 8 Features That Matter


Webinar Recording: 

Please enjoy the recording of this webinar on youtube and subscribe to our channel to access all our webinars.


Webinar Presentation:

You can view the slideshow below, or download the PDF version:


Post-Webinar Quiz:

If you are working toward the Level 1 Test Automation Certificate, please take our QUIZ N0 3. You need to answer at least 80% of questions correctly to qualify for the Certificate. 


Test Automation, Demystified - FAQs:

If you have questions about how to get the Certificate of Completion, please visit: FAQs - Test Automation, Demystified – Inflectra's Webinar Series


Next Webinar: 

The next webinar in the series: Friends and Foes of Test Automation is scheduled for June 25, 2019 at 10 am (EDT). We would love for you to sign up!


Good luck and hope to see you at our next webinar!

Webinar Recap Choosing A Test Automation Tool 8 Features That Matter test automation

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