The Days of Prague - EuroStar 2019 Conference Recap

November 18th, 2019 by inflectra

2019 is a breakout year for Inflectra and on our to-do list was EuroSTAR of course. So, on November 10, right after Agile Testing Days in Germany, Team Inflectra headed south to Prague, Czechia. 

Team Inflectra in Action

The team of four Inflectra superstars was in the booth, answering questions about SpiraPlan and Rapise, and handing out flyers and swag. 

Indeed the Inflectra swag was famous in part because of this type of creative advertising: 



Come claim your wireless #iPhone charger at #inflectra booth at #euroSTARconf

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Gala at Zofin Palace 

There were amazing networking opportunities everywhere at EuroSTAR, but the most magnificent was Software Testing Awards Gala and Reception at Zofin Palace in the heart of Prague. Complete with classical music performance on grand piano, fantastic pre fix menu and servers that looked borrowed from Downton Abbey, it was a night to remember.

Diversity Strikes

On Nov 15, Diversity Strikes - a series of short inspirational talks were delivered at EuroStar. Speakers, five in total, were chosen by the EuroSTAR speaker selection committee the day before. During the conference, the attendees were asked to pitch their ideas about diversity to the commission, which selected the final five you see below. Adam Sandman of Inflectra was chosen and spoke about Second Acts and Harmony in the workplace. 


The final day of EuroSTAR had yet more fun packed in! On Nov 15 the conference organizers hosted a raffle in which next year's tickets and sponsor gifts were given out to the participants. Inflectra's gift - a cute Polaroid camera - went to our new friend Hanna, seen here very happy (we hope). 

On the last day of the conference, we also heard about EuroSTAR's plans for 2020. It turns out we will be "Testing in the Wild" in the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium next year. 


See you there!

EuroStar 2019

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