Supporting Agile Software Testing in DC - D-CAST

December 5th, 2017 by inflectra

We had the pleasure of sponsoring the local D-CAST meetup this month, celebrating the end of 2017 and all things agile and software testing related. Inflectra is a proud sponsor of the group and is looking forward to helping support more events in the Washington, DC area in 2018. During the meetup, Peter Kim discussed his new cool Slackbot called Mr. Jenkins.

Supporting the DC Agile Testing Community

We are proud to be able to help support the local DC testing community. Partnering with D-CAST, Inflectra has been able to support agile testing, helping D-CAST put on events in 2017. We are looking to continue the partnership in 2018 with additional workshops, speakers and financial support for the meetup group.


Slack Meet Mr. Jenkins

The topic of the meetup was chosen by D-CAST members and was about Mr. Jenkins! Peter Kim discussed how his team created a custom alert service to notify the team of issues encountered during their CI pipeline using a combination of Jenkins, Slack and a Slackbot called Hubot (an open source CoffeeScript bot).



It was a great discussion, with lots of questions about how to create your own Slackbot using Hubot and Mr. Jenkins to make it easier for the QA team to be self-sufficient when it comes to DevOps activities such as starting builds, provisioning AWS servers. In return, the QA team can use Mr. Jenkins to let developers and managers schedule and orchestrate the automated testing activities without needing to ask the QA team for help.


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