Spotlight on Spira 6.7.1 - Generating Documents from Reports

January 7th, 2021 by inflectra

We are excited about the next release of Spira 6.7.1, due to be released in early February 2021. One of the key new features is the ability to automatically save generated reports from the Reports center into the Documents Management module, where they can be archived and versioned.

Saving and Reviewing Generated Reports

Many of our customers come from a traditional document-centric world, where their requirements, test cases, and other project artifacts were actual physical documents. When they move to SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, or SpiraPlan, they often need a way to store and manage the results of their testing and validation activities. Traditionally they would have documents such as a requirements traceability matrix or a final test report managed in a version control system such as SharePoint. They would then assign these documents to reviewers to be approved.

As such, as organizations migrate to new electronic requirements and testing tools, such as Spira, they will manage their requirements, test cases, tasks, risks, defects, and other information in Spira but still need a way to generate a final report and have it approved by stakeholders.

Spira has a powerful reporting system built-in that lets you create a range of standard and custom reports in various formats, including MS-Word, Acrobat PDF, MS-Excel, HTML, and XML.

For the first time now, you will be able to save the generated report directly inside Spira as a new document in the Planning > Documents section.

Once it is in the documents repository, you can use the Spira document workflow engine to assign the documents for review and approval. The documents workflow includes built-in email notifications, versioning, and check-in / check-out functionality.

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