Spotlight on KronoDesk 3.0 - New Reporting Functionality

September 20th, 2018 by inflectra

Our development team has been working feverishly on the next version of KronoDesk, our acclaimed help desk solution for SpiraTeam. There are many new features and improvements as part of KronoDesk 3.0, and this article focuses on the enhancements to the reporting system.

Reporting Enhancements

The new reporting module in KronoDesk 3.0 is based on the reporting system developed for SpiraTeam. With the new version, in addition to the existing set of graphs and charts that are displayed on the reporting dashboard, you will also see a library of reports that you can generate:

Each of these reports will let you choose the format you want to display it in (we plan on supporting Acrobat, HTML, MS-Word, MS-Excel, and XML), as well choosing which elements to include in the report (for example, do we just want a simple list of help desk tickets, or do we want a comprehensive report that includes: tickets, support messages, notes, change history, linked incidents, and file attachments):

The reporting system will include a rich set of filtering and sorting options. So (for example), you will be able to easily get a list of help desk tickets for a specific user or organization, within a certain date range:



Once you have made the selection, KronoDesk will run the report generation in the background, and let you know when the report is ready:



Finally, once it's finished, the report will open in the desired format. For example, here's a ticket summary report opened in Microsoft Excel:



We are happy to demonstrate these new reporting features as well as more general KronoDesk tips and tricks in our upcoming free webinar: Introduction to IT Help Desk Software on Nov 1st, 2018. Sign up here:



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