Spotlight on Spira 6.5.2 - Manual Testing Customization Enhancements

July 8th, 2020 by inflectra

Over the past few years, we have collected many enhancement requests for the test case execution page, to make it easier to show and hide certain options, make specific data required, and allow the settings to be configured differently for different products. Well we are happy to add these long awaited features to our upcoming v6.5.2 release.

Testing Configuration Settings Now Product-Based

In the current version (as of writing this article) of SpiraTest, the Testing Settings (unlike the Planning Settings) were set globally, system-wide:

However in the latest version (v6.5.2) of SpiraTest, we have migrated the testing configuration settings to be per-product:

This means that you can now have different configurations and settings for different types of product. For example, you may want to display the CI Build drop-down-list for only certain products. Previously the settings were system-wide, so you had to compromise based on what each of your product teams may have wanted or needed. Now you can have more rules and checks for regulated GxP products, and more free-form test execution for others.

Test Execution - Any Way You Want It?

In addition to moving the existing testing configuration settings to the product administration, we have also added some new configuration options (based on feedback we have collected from our customers):

Some of the key options you now have are:

  • The ability to hide specific statuses that you don't want your testers to use (required for certain regulated GxP processes)
  • Requiring users to have to enter an actual result for all statuses, even a Pass.
  • Requiring users to have to enter an incident when any test step is not passed.

One More Thing!

Finally, we have added an additional configuration option to the Planning Options page based on customer feedback:

You can now tell SpiraTest to only display the list of active releases for the incident detected release field. Previously we always showed active releases for the planned and verified releases, but all releases for the detected release.

With these changes you can more easily tailor SpiraTest to match your desired testing workflow.

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