Speeding Up Software Testing with New Eclipse Plugin for SpiraTeam

August 3rd, 2017 by inflectra

At Inflectra, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your tasks, bugs, and requirements, so you can get back to developing. That’s why we develop plugins that work in the IDEs you use the most. Eclipse remains the most popular Java IDE on the planet, and we are happy to announce a new version of our Eclipse plugin.

Eclipse is not only free and open source, but has a robust list of features. One great feature is Mylyn, an ALM framework which allows developers to focus on the task at hand with minimal distractions.

Our new SpiraTeam plugin integrates tightly with Mylyn and is now fully updated for SpiraTeam version 5.0. This lets you enjoy new features such as using workflows for Tasks and Requirements and assigning components to Incidents. That’s right: you no longer have to have SpiraTeam open in another window--you can view, edit, make comments, and more right from Eclipse.

With Mylyn and the SpiraTeam plugin developers can focus on what’s most important fast, log their progress, then move on. This is exceptionally useful if you are working on a wide variety of items at the same time. And it all syncs immediately back to your cloud-hosted or on-premise version of SpiraTeam (or SpiraPlan, or SpiraTest).

To get hold of the new plugin either install it from the Eclipse Marketplace or install it directly from our website. For more information on how to download, click here.


This SpiraTeam Plugin was developed by our intern - Peter.

If you know anyone interested in interning with Inflectra in Silver Spring, MD, feel free to reach out to us at thea.maisuradze@inflectra.com

Happy Testing!


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