Recap: Inflectra Goes to #STAREAST 2019

May 7th, 2019 by inflectra

On May 1-2, 2019 #TeamInflectra travelled to oh-so-sunny Orlando, FL to participate, for the first time in the company's 13-year history, in STAREAST, the oldest and the most reputable, some may say, software testing conference on this side of the Atlantic.


As far as software testing conferences are concerned (and we have been to a few of these by now), STAREAST is the biggest game in town. Run by TechWell, this conference attracts the highest and mightiest in the software testing and test automation space. The conference keynote speakers are world class, the tracks are numerous and interesting, and the networking opportunities are abundant.

From an exhibitor's perspective, you know you are no longer in the little league, by just looking around. Here every exhibitor brings their A-game. How far would exhibitors go to impress their guests at STAREAST? Let's see..... in 2019, there were booths where folks were given freshly brewed coffee, served by an actual barista; there was hot sauces galore; a number of guessing games, expensive raffle prizes and even a Jamaica trip giveaway!

Team Maketh Company

We too sent our A-Team to STAREAST. Here they are looking snazzy in Inflectra polos.  

Hanging Out With Partners

The highlight of our STAREAST trip was indeed the quality time we spend with our partners. Coveros and Magenic continue to impress us with their utmost professionalism, boundless enthusiasm and passion for their work ( and for our software, of course)

Fabulous Swag

We had a pretty sweet set up yourselves, I must admit - with our epic swag and our lovely personalities keeping our booth overflowing with visitors at all times. We have spoken to roughly 300 conference participants in a day and a half - not a small feat for a bunch of geeks :). 

So, next time you see Inflectra's logo, know that there is going to be good swag (and fun memories) to take home. 


Next Up - Agile TD USA

We are headed to Chicago, IL next for our annual Agile Testing Days USA. This is a festival that celebrates all things agile and is co-organized by TechWell and Trendig, based in Germany. Catch you there in June, 2019!




STAREAST 2019 Conference

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