New Chrome Extension For Exploratory Testing in Development

May 24th, 2019 by inflectra

SpiraTest has a powerful dedicated exploratory testing mode, inside the application. This has been hugely popular with our testers and our customers. It allows testers to create and edit their test case on the fly, based on how their exploratory session proceeds. We are working on a compliment to this feature, with a chrome extension for exploratory testing.

What Will it Do?

At its most basic this will let a tester record their clicks, text input, observations, and more, right from the browser, and all automatically. A tester will be able to review all the actions they took during an exploratory testing session to pinpoint any issues, or identify how to reproduce a bug. They will also, in version 1, be able to create bugs based on their exploratory session, straight from the Chrome extension.


We are really excited for you to start using the extension, to see how you use it, and to hear how we can further empower testers to more easily and seamlessly manage their testing.

How Can I Learn More?

Keep following the Inflectra blog for more information as it becomes available. We'll be posting screenshots and other information once the beta version becomes available.

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