Meeting the Inflectra Community in California

April 17th, 2018 by inflectra

This week we had the pleasure of holding our inaugural California User Summits in Santa Monica and San Francisco. We met lots of fantastic customers, had great conversations and got lots of valuable feedback on the development roadmaps for our products. In this article we will recap the ideas and information that came from the event, provide copies of the presentations from Inflectra, and also include some fun photos that we took during the event.

Santa Monica, CA - April 13th, 2018

Team Inflectra headed out from STPcon 2018 to lively Santa Monica to meet up with local testers and technology professionals for our Lunch & Learn session at the WeWork on the legendary 3rd Street Promenade:


Afterwards, we met some local Inflectra customers (shout-out to Science37, Cognitive Medicine and others) to discuss our plans in 2018 for SpiraTeam and the Inflectra suite:


The feedback and suggestions were very helpful, giving us several ideas to refine our product backlog.

San Francisco, CA - April 16th, 2018

We reprised our popular lunch and learn topic "Are you letting your users be your testers?" from Southern California to the receptive audience in the Bay Area (thanks to WeWork Embarcadero Center for hosting):

In addition, we had the opportunity to meet some of our customers in the Bay Area including Boris who has been a long-term customer and evangelist of Inflectra products over the years.


The following presentations were made during the event, please feel free to clip any of the slides that interest you:



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