There are a couple special libraries that contains useful things.  These include: g_util and g_helper.  It just happens that the g_util library has a method to get the existing clipboard contents:

var myText = g_util.GetClipboardText();

To copy value from Rapise to clipboard use


To see some of the other useful methods, one can add the g_util or g_helper string to their code window followed by a period (.) and a list of all the methods should pop open.

NOTE: If the script has not yet been saved, this “auto-list” functionality will not be available until the user saves, closes and reopens the script.



To use clipboard in RVL put these functions into *.user.js file.

function CopyToClipboard(/**string*/ value)

function CopyFromClipboard()
    return g_util.GetClipboardText();

The following snippet puts a value into clipboard, then reads it and prints to the report.