To find out the reason navigate to the test run and look at the details.


Spira Dashboard

Typical reason is a failure to get a copy of a test  from Spira or Git.

To find out more open RapiseLauncher log file.


You may find there some errors, e.g.

2021-09-02 16:57:12,101 Failed to clone GIT repository:
reference 'refs/remotes/origin/NoSuchBranch' not found

   at LibGit2Sharp.Core.Ensure.HandleError(Int32 result)
   at LibGit2Sharp.Core.Proxy.git_clone(String url, String workdir, GitCloneOptions& opts)
   at LibGit2Sharp.Repository.Clone(String sourceUrl, String workdirPath, CloneOptions options)
   at Inflectra.Rapise.RapiseLauncher.Business.AutomationEngine.GitCheckout(String targetPath, String url, String user, String password, String branch) in