Step 1

Place the following function to your User.js

function GetSecret(/**string*/ secretName)
		g_amazonWrapper = new ActiveXObject("SeSWrappers.AmazonWrapper");

	var region = "us-east-1";
	var versionId = "";
	var versionStage = "";
	var awsAccessKey = "";
	var awsSecretAccessKey = "";
	var secret = g_amazonWrapper.AwsGetSecret(secretName, versionId, versionStage, region, awsAccessKey, awsSecretAccessKey);
	if (secret)
		return JSON.parse(secret);
	return null;

Adjust the variables.


String representation of a region where you want to run your tests.


Specific secret version id.


Specific version stage.

awsAccessKey , awsSecretAccessKey

You may assign the access keys right in the function or set system environment variables:

Environment variable names are AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

Read more about the variables here.

Step 2

Call GetSecret function in your test. It will return an object representing your secret.

var secret = GetSecret("TestSecret");
if (secret)