How do I Get Started?

First you need to go to the Rapise AWS Marketplace page:

You need to Accept the EULA Terms and then choose your AWS Amazon Machine Image (AMI) instance type:

Then once you have started up the AWS instance, you need to follow these instructions:

Usage Instructions:

  1. Once the instance is running, connect to it using a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) by right clicking the instance in the EC2 console and selecting "Connect".
  2. Before doing anything else, install all of the software that you will need to test beside the provided web browsers and Rapise software
  3. Make sure you then run Windows Update to update all of the Windows core components to the latest version (so that all vulnerabilities are fixed)
  4. Also go to each of the browsers and run their appropriate update routines, unless you need to test a specific older version of the browser for your test.
  5. Finally, double click on the Rapise program entry in the Start Menu or Start Page to start Rapise.
    • If you don't see it, the physical program is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Inflectra\Rapise\Bin\Rapise.exe