New locator is enabled by default.  Also by default both UIAutomation and UIAutomation2 locators are recorded. During playback Rapise tries to use UIAutomation2 locator first.

There are several new global options controlling UIAutomation locators.

var g_uiaNameFromControlType = false;
var g_uiaLocator1_RecordingDisabled = false;
var g_uiaLocator2_RecordingDisabled = false;
var g_uiaLocator1_PlaybackDisabled = false;
var g_uiaLocator2_PlaybackDisabled = false;
var g_uiaLocator2_RecordingTimeout = 5000;

If during recording element search with UIAutomation2 locator exceeds `g_uiaLocator2_RecordingTimeout` then this locator is automatically disabled  for the current recording session.

`g_uiaNameFromControlType` controls UIAutomation locator. There are applications in which UI elements change their UI Automation names based on their text value. If this is your case set the flag to true.