Flash the Object

Locate the object in the Object Tree, right click it and choose Flash.

Rapise highlights the found object.

If the object is not found then Rapise shows an error message.

Major Reasons Why Object is not Found

There are two major reasons why object may not be found during test execution.

1. Object is not available on screen when a test performs the search. Try to slow down test execution and wait for object to appear.

2. Location property of the object is invalid. Either you are working with an updated version of the application and object has different location inside it or it is a web application and recorded location uses DOM element attributes with dynamics values.

Ignore Object Name

Less frequent reason is the case when object name changes while user interacts with the application. For example when an edit box is first displayed on screen it may have a name Type to filter . But after entering the value it's name changes to empty string.  So next time a test needs to interact with the object (during same session) - object is not found. In this case set  Ignore Object Name property of the object to True.