We have found that some versions of Rapise include a version of the Appium .NET libraries that are not compatible with the version of Selenium packaged in the same release.

Rapise uses Appium to connect to mobile devices and also includes Selenium as an option for playing back web tests against specific browsers. However Appium is built on top of Selenium and therefore sometimes there may be an issue between the two products. This was documented in this bug report on the Appium project website:


When connecting to the mobile device from the Rapise Mobile Spy you will get the following error message:

This is because the Appium DLL version ( is looking for a function that was removed in Selenium WebDriver v2.48.0.


The solution is very easy; attached to this KB article is v2.47.0 of the Selenium WebDriver DLL. Download this version and place in the BIN folder of your Rapise installation and it will fix the issue.