Using Rapise Native Browser Connectors

For this example, we shall be using the following website opened in Firefox:

This contains the following file upload box:

Which is created from the following HTML:

<form action="myform.cgi">
<input type="file" name="fileupload" value="fileupload" id="fileupload">
<label for="fileupload"> Select a file to upload</label>
<input type="submit" value="submit">

To record this script in Rapise, simply use the LEARN (Ctrl+2) function to learn the Browse... and SUBMIT buttons above. You can then write the following code in Rapise to automate the upload:

//Click the upload 'Browse'	

//Send the filename and enter
Global.DoSendKeys('C:\\temp\\small text file.txt');

// Click Submit button

The object Select_a_file_to_upload should be replaced with the object that you learned from your application.

Note: We need to use the DoLClick() function rather than the normal DoClick() function since we need to simulate a real user's left-click and not trigger the browser event directly as otherwise the browser security will prevent the enter of the filename.

Attached to this sample is a copy of a complete working sample.

In RVL, the script from the example would look as follows:

Using Selenium

If you plan to run tests via Selenium then the sequence of steps must be different. The main difference is that with Selenium there is no need to open the File Upload dialog.

Just send keys to the upload element and then submit the file.


//Send the filename
SeS('Select_a_file_to_upload').DoSendKeys('C:\\temp\\small text file.txt');

// Click Submit button