Resource Management

SpiraTeam lets you schedule the team members and load balance the task resourcing allocations. As team members work on their assigned tasks they can update their progress in terms of actual and remaining effort. This provides project managers with real-time visibility on the progress of the iteration and early indications of schedule overrun.

What is Resource Management?

Resource allocation and tracking is the ability to look at all the people and other assets on a project and make sure the work is appropriately and evenly distributed. SpiraTeam provides tools to let you see the allocation and make adjustments as necessary.

Resource Tracking

The Resource Tracking screens in SpiraTeam let you view the total assigned workload for the members of the project and determine the resource assignments and perform load balancing if necessary.

You can view the information for a project group, project, specific release, iteration or sprint.

Resource Details

SpiraTeam lets you drill down onto each team member’s schedule to see the individual assigned requirements, tasks, test cases, test sets, and defects to determine if any action is needed.

Resource Task Boards

SpiraTeam also provides planning board views that let you see the user stories, requirements, defects, test cases, and tasks by person:

The drag and drop functionality lets you easily move items between team members.

Centralized Timecard Submission

SpiraTeam includes a built-in timecard entry system that lets developers quickly and easily enter the time spent each day on their assigned tasks and defects.

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