What is Help Desk Software?

This section explains what a help desk is, what features you should look for in a help desk tool and explains why KronoDesk is the best choice for managing your help desk.

Help Desk Software

Are you drowning in customer emails and support tickets? Are you struggling to keep up your customers’ needs? Do you wish you could improve customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing your support costs?

KronoDesk is an integrated help desk system that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base in a single user interface:

KronoDesk includes a powerful and flexible help desk ticketing system that can be quickly and easily tailored to meet your support needs. With support for custom fields and workflows you can create different support processes for your different products.

Why do you Need Help Desk Software?

When customers have questions or issues with a product or system they need customer support. The decision of whether to buy your product or a competitor’s may be determined by the quality of the support they receive.

  • Customers ideally would like to find the answer to the problem quickly and easily without having to invest significant time in solving the issue
  • Companies want to provide the highest possible level of support in a manner that provides a high degree of satisfaction whilst being cost-effective at the same time
  • Traditional help-desk tools focus on providing support for individual customers, but don’t address the fact that many customer issues are not unique and have been solved before.

How does KronoDesk Help?

KronoDesk is an integrated customer support system that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base in a single user interface.

When customers arrive with a problem, question or enquiry, KronoDesk will direct them to relevant knowledge base articles, suggest helpful discussion threads and provide self-service solutions so that they can find a wide range of immediate solutions and suggestions.

For those enquiries that do not match an existing article or have not yet been discussed in a support forum, KronoDesk will direct the customer to log a help desk ticket. The system provides an easy-to-use help desk submission form that gathers the appropriate information to ensure a speedy resolution of the problem.

Integration with our SpiraTeam ALM Platform

When used with SpiraTeam you can integrate your customer support into your software development lifecycle. Each KronoDesk ticket can generate new incidents in SpiraTeam so that customer requests can be seamlessly added to the affected SpiraTeam projects.

What Features Should it Include?

The following features should be part of any help desk ticketing system:

  • Track ticket change history and comments
  • Upload articles and FAQs for common problems
  • Subscribe to forums/threads by email or RSS
  • Built-in screenshot capture tool
  • Compatible with all major web browsers

Ability to Respond to Tickets

Being able to quickly and easily respond to customer tickets is a key feature of a help desk system, and KronoDesk is no exception. With KronoDesk, you can reply to customer issues with both public notes that can be seen by the customer and support agents, and also private ‘internal’ notes which can be useful when escalating a ticket to another support agent.

KronoDesk lets you easily attach files to the ticket, and its special templated response feature, lets support agents save time replying to common problems. This feature enables support agents to seamlessly reply with a pre-written knowledge base article and templated response that links to the article.

Ability to Group Tickets by Customer

Customers will often require multiple users to be able to individually log support tickets, with the primary customer point of contact able to see all of the tickets from all users. KronoDesk comes with its powerful organizations feature that lets you group users into a common organization, with different roles for members of the organization.

The basic members of the organization can log and see only their own tickets, while the manager and supervisors user roles can see all of the tickets from the customer organization in a dedicator portal.

The Option to Assign to Groups and/or Agents

KronoDesk includes the ability to create customer support agent groups. This lets you group together support agents by product, team or escalation tier. This lets the support manager assign incoming tickets to specific teams that can handle different kinds of ticket.

All members of the support group will be able to see the assigned tickets, and can reply immediately, or assign the ticket to their own user if they want to follow up individually.

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

KronoDesk allows you to build a customized reporting dashboard featuring your frequently-used graphs, charts and reports:

In addition, KronoDesk can produce printable reports, documents and spreadsheets from the data in the system using the rich library of standard reports. The formats supported include MS-Word, MS-Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF, HTML and XML.

Each report can be configured by users, with the option to include different elements, filter by any of the built-in or custom fields, and sort a variety of different options.

What Makes KronoDesk the Best Choice for Your Help Desk

The top three reasons that our customers choose KronoDesk over other solutions are:

  • Configurable Help Desk with Forums & Knowledge BaseKronoDesk includes a help desk ticketing system together with fully integrated customer forums and online knowledge base. The complete support package in one.
  • Personalized dashboards of key informationKronoDesk provides customized dashboards for both your customers and support agents that reduce information overload and enhance efficiency.
  • Available Hosted or On-PremiseKronoDesk is available as both a both a secure, hosted SaaS service or as an on-premise product that is installed in your own environment.

In addition, we provide superb technical support that ensures that enquiries and questions are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

How do I Get Started?

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