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Jira Server Discontinued

Starting February 2, 2021, Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses for many of their products, including Jira Software. At the same time, they will increase the price for the remaining on-premise alternative, Jira Data Center, for which the smallest order will correspond to ordering 500 users.

Though Atlassian will not add any new features, they will continue to provide bug fixes and support for these products for a bit longer. But on February 2, 2024, Atlassian will end support for all server products. Learn More...

Jira Cloud Limitations

While Atlassian is investing in its cloud services to provide feature upgrades, that doesn’t mean everyone can - or wants to - move to the cloud.

Many customers in high assurance industries or running projects on secure networks are unable to ever use a cloud-based solution for regulatory, security or compliance reasons.

In addition, Jira Cloud has known issues of poor performance, inflexible data localization options and increasing instability and unreliability due to the need to have many plugins installed to achieve basic functionality.

What About Jira Data Center?

If you are considering a switch from Altassian's Jira Server product to Jira Data Center, consider:

  • Important new functionality, like Jira’s Next-Gen Projects, will not be available.
  • You need to order minimum 500 users. This will also affect the cost for many of the plugins you will need to use as well.
  • It is more expensive than the server product.
  • It is more complicated to maintain as it consists of nodes behind a load balancer rather than a single server instance.
  • Atlassian has a clear intent to move all their customers to the cloud in the longer term.

Unlike Jira and Atlassian, Inflectra and Spira have a long-term commitment to giving you, the customer a choice of hosting in our secure cloud (multiple data localization regions) or self-hosting on-premise. We offer flexible and easy to understand licensing based on concurrent users, with on-premise customers having both annual and perpetual license options. We even make the migration from Jira easy!

Spira Is For All Teams:

A for Agile


Spira includes out of the box support for popular agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile. With Spira you don't need separate plugins for testing, code management or project scaling, it's all available, fully integrated from day one.

D for DevOps


Baked into Spira are seamless integrations with Git for source code management, Jenkins (and others) for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, as well as integrated DevOps features such as code collaboration & viewing.

C for Collaboration


Spira makes team collaboration easy, with integrated discussion threads, instant messaging, subscriptions and notifications, RSS feeds and a built-in document management system.

All The Features, No Hassle

Issue Tracking

Spira has a powerful and flexible issue tracking system that supports configurable issue types, statuses, priorities, and custom workflows. No code, no fuss.

Project Management

With Spira you have enterprise project & program management at your fingertips. You can manage projects, releases, sprints, programs and porfolios with ease.

Agile Boards & Git

Spira comes with out of the box agile planning boards that support Scrum, Kanban, and scaled agile projects. Integrated Git code viewing.

Time Tracking

Spira includes work estimation, resource management, reporting and time tracking available out of the box without any third-party plugins needed.

Test Management

At the heart of Spira is our world-class test management system SpiraTest that provides best-in-industry support for manual, automated testing and test traceability.

Reporting & BI

Spira provides you with real-time reporting of all your development, testing, and project activities. Includes integrated executive dashboards and a custom reporting engine.

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How Does Spira Map to Jira's Ecosystem?

Product Atlassian SpiraTeam® SpiraPlan® KronoDesk®
Project Management Features
Portfolio Management Jira Software + Portfolio ()
Program Management & Roadmaps Jira Software + Portfolio ()
Project Estimation & Management Jira Software + Agile
Release/Sprint Planning Jira Software + Agile
Issue Tracking Jira Core
Task Management Jira Software
Project Baselines
Risk Management
Resource Management Tempo Planner ()
Time Tracking Tempo Timesheets ()
Agile & DevOps Features
Requirements Management Structure ()
RM for Jira (RM4J) ()
Test Management Zephyr ()
TM4J ()
Automated Testing Tempo Planner ()
Scrum Boards Jira Software + Agile
Kanban Boards Jira Software + Agile
Source Code (Git) Integration Bitbucket ()
Git Integration for Jira ()
Build Management Bitbucket ()
Collaboration Features
Document Management Documents for Jira ()
Structure ()
Wikis and Content Management Confluence ()
Instant Messenger (IM)
Service Desk Features
Knowledge Base Jira Service Desk
Customer Support Forums Jira Service Desk
Help Desk Ticketing Jira Service Desk
Reporting & BI Features
Executive Dashboards
Customizable Graphing EasyBI ()
Customizable Report Generation EasyBI ()