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Spotlight on Spira 7.2 - New Integrated Spreadsheet Editor

September 6, 2022

We are excited about the upcoming release of Spira 7.2 in the next couple of months, it will have many enhancements and security fixes (following our most recent pen-test) as well as two major planned new features - product/project custom properties and an integrated spreadsheet editor. In this article we will be discussing the new spreadsheet editing functionality. If you need a place in Spira to manage data, your wish has been granted!


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Rapise - Data Driven Testing using the Spreadsheet object

June 9, 2015

Many times, when testing, a tester will want the ability to run through many variations of the process recorded. This can be accomplished manually by running the test, then editing the test to use different data. The process of editing, rerunning, lather, rinse, repeat, gets very old after the first time. Plus this process is not very efficient with time and it can introduce issues through the slip of a finger. Enter Data-Driven Testing with the Spreadsheet Object Read More